Uncover your Unconscious gifts

Have you ever wondered what your unique gifts are? There are some gifts of yours that you might be aware of, they form your personality, who you think you are, what you know you are capable of doing and your strengths that you know you can lean on.

But what if I told you you also have a dozen of more unique gifts, 13 of them to be very precise. But that these gifts, real superpowers of yours are actually Unconscious?

And what I mean by that is that you are not aware of them, they operate usually below or level of consciousness and since you are not aware of these, you can’t rely on them truly. Reason why you SHOULD get to know them… 13 more gifts to add to your personal power and inner confidence yay 🤩 !!!

I’ve been working on an entirely NEW section in my Human Design Blueprint guide for a few weeks now, and I am thrilled to announce you that it is now included in your Human Design reading when you purchase your very own Blueprint Guide!

This new section is all about the ASTROLOGY part of your Human Design and it dives deep into your gates activations in their corresponding PLANETS. 

Half of them is on your Conscious side, they are your conscious gates (on the right)

The other half of them are Unconscious, they are your unconscious gates (on the left)

Your Planets tells us all about:

  • Which gift of yours represents your Core Energy, Personal Power and Talent
  • What grounds you and brings you stability (specially Nervous System wisely)
  • The Direction you are headed in your life
  • What you are here to Communicate and Share to the world
  • What you can Lean into to find the most Reward
  • Where your Truth and Shadow work for inner transformation are

And so MANY other things as these are just 6 examples of the 26 variables of your planets activations I decode for you to make them the most simple and effective for you to apply directly into your life. 

Here is a preview of what your Planets decoded looks like in the guidebook  👀

This is one of the 16 different sections that I decode for you. Your Human Design Blueprint guide gives you more than 120 pages of diving DEEP into who you are and unlocking your FULL unique potential, and this is priceless if you ask me. 

CLICK HERE to purchase your own Human Design Blueprint Guide  💌

Lots of love!!!

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