Life as a Manifesting Generator

You discovered on your Human Design that you are a Manifesting Generator, and that makes two of us πŸ‘€

Let me share with you everything you need to know about being a Manifesting Generator, my favorite and most known Human Design energy type (obvious because it is mine, right) and how to navigate life in the most authentic and fulfilling way. Let’s dive deep into the Mani-Geni type riiight now!

So the first thing you need to know (and you probably already did notice cause you’re so intuitive), is that you are a creative powerhouse and a natural doer! You are gifted at accomplishing many diverse things and what you really are is a multi-passionate, multi-potential creator in life.

When you embody your energy the right way, your aura is magnetic, open, and feels like a big embrace to the people around you. It wraps around people and makes them warm. What a lovely gift right? I know!

I had a great conversation with one of my best friend the other day, and she shared with me the struggles she is facing, trying to figure out her purpose in life, what she was truly meant to be doing in life, and because she has so many interests and ideas, she was feeling lost trying to even start implementing one of these ideas. You might have guessed, she is a Manifesting Generator too (that explains why we get along SO well and I love her so much) and since I’ve been there, walking in her shoes too and facing the same difficulties for so long, I shared with her the advices I am about to share with you:

You are MEANT to follow many interests and passions in your life, this is the way you have been built and there is nothing you could ever do to suppress that. So I’d suggest you follow it rather than trying to be any other way than the way you were designed πŸ™ƒ

And I know you might be feeling like you have too many interests, that your head is spinning around with so many ideas you can’t possibly follow all of them, that you think you need to be more focus and choose ONE idea or way or even project out of the hundred that you have in mind, and if your mom is like mine she might be telling you that every single time you share with her any new idea (funny thing is that my mom IS a Manifesting Generator just like me, she just doesn’t follow her design πŸ˜…).

And I also know that at times it can be super hard being a Manifestor Generator, because you are feeling lost in between all these ideas, choices to make, you might even freeze out at the idea of all this chaos and end up following nothing, feeling even more lost and like you’ll never find your purpose, what you are truly meant to do in your life… I feel you.

And the biggest key I can give you is simply that you are meant to have a non-linear path in life. So destroy the idea that you’re sporadic, passionless, and chaotic, that you never go till the end of your ideas and projects because you are bored too fast, and EMBRACE your gift of course correcting, being good at tons of different things, and having so many interests in life. All of these things lead you to a satisfying, exciting life, and this principle really changed my entire life for the better.

And trust me when I say this, you don’t actually have to FIGURE OUT what to do in advance, nor your end purpose, nor the thing you are meant to do in the couple years, not even the next step. You just have to ACTIVATE the process by saying YES to what excites you in the moment. And the rest of the way will simply appear as you start engaging towards what excites you, what moves you, what feels like a hell yes to you.

Simply start following what lights you up, because this is the ONLY way you can move through life as a happy, fulfilled Manifesting Generator. The rest will follow, and you fill figure everything out along the way, in the right, perfect, magical timing.

+ life really gets to be more exciting and joyful when you start behaving in this way, following what brings you joy and pleasure. You’ll see.

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