What does Human Design teaches us?

Human Design is my favorite tool for decoding your energetic design, your unique blueprint to success, ease, flow, and purpose. Its purpose is to READ THE MAP OF YOUR ENERGY

According to Human Design, everybody has a physical and also an energetic body.

A chart (or BodyGraph) is the map of your energy: it contains all the informations about how your unique energy blueprint functions and so many precious informations that are giving clues on:

– how your mind operates
– how you bring in aligned opportunities
– how to follow your intuition
– your life theme and PURPOSE
– what are your gifts and how they can show up
– how you get inspired and take in ideas
– how to know if you’re in/out of alignment
– how you MANIFEST
– how you process emotions
– how you express yourself and voice
– how you’re motivated and feel valued
– how your instincts show up
– how you flow and work with others
– how your personality operates & how you lean into your identity
– etc…

Human Design blueprint

A 100+ page personalized guide to decoding & understanding your ENTIRE Human Design



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