How to create your Vision Board

Creating a vision board is a powerful and one of my absolute favorite tool for manifesting your desires and goals.

Here are my 4 secrets to create your most powerful vision board:

Step 1: Be very clear and specific on what you really want

Begin this process by defining very precisely what you want and desire. Get specific and detailed about your aspirations across all facets of your life. Ask yourself what does your dream house/appartement would look like, your dream closet, daily routine, car, vacations, job, body, workout routine, dream lover or relationship etc… Whether it’s material things, the little things in life, dream vacations, career achievements, or your dream relationship, define your desires with clarity.

Step 2: Specify even more & do not limit yourself

Don’t hold back when envisioning your future. You might just have created a first draft of your vision, but might also held yourself back on many levels. So do it one more time. Challenge yourself to think beyond what seems possible in the present moment. Let go of your limitations for a second and allow yourself to dream really big. Remember, the purpose of a vision board is to inspire and motivate you to go for your dreams, so dare to include even the most seemingly unattainable goals, dreams and desires.

Step 3: Create your vision board on Pinterest

I personally use Pinterest to create all my vision boards. I’d recommend you start by creating a new board dedicated solely to your dream vision, one that you name “Vision Board x year” for example. Then, explore the vast collection of images on Pinterest using relevant keywords that align with what you are looking for. Pin any visual representation that resonates with your vision onto your board, listen to your heart and intuition when you do so.

Step 4: Enrich your vision board

Creating a vision board isn’t necessarily a one-time taskβ€” I’d say it’s more of an ongoing process. I regularly revisit and enrich my board as my aspirations, dreams and vision evolve and become clearer over time. So once you created it, regularly update it with new images, refining your desires, and adjusting it to your vision as needed. By consistently nurturing your vision board, you’ll cultivate a deeper connection to your desires and propel yourself closer to realizing them.

Remember, your vision board is a reflection of your deepest desires and aspirations. Embrace the journey of creation, and let your imagination soar as you create a visual representation of the dream life you envision for yourself.

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